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Internet Television? How About Intervision…

November 28, 2009

My friends and I noticed a few months ago that we don’t call the medium television “motion picture radio” so why are we calling this new interactive video medium “internet television”? It’s not a bad start it expands the concept of what people already understand but it fails to represent what’s really happening with video online.

Television is a one-to-many medium and is far less powerful than this new interactive video medium which is many-to-many + video. This new interactive video medium has a social impact by the receivers of the video message which is extremely powerful far more powerful than any broadcast medium can ever be because by definition it’s always more impacting than the video message by itself. We believe there is a new medium that has emerged and at Rippol we call it Intervision.

Intervision up until now has been fragmented all over the net… If you want social awareness? facebook, social discovery? Twitter, clips+commenting?  Youtube, lifecasting+chat?, professional live video+chat? Ustream, TV online? Hulu and there are thousands more niche sites but where is the site that combines all the traits and attributes of the Intervision into one place for everyone to enjoy? Not some poor fool who thinks he’s going to make a better youtube or a better hulu but a site that takes the best parts of these amazing products and puts them into one place for all to enjoy in one interactive experience that is indicative of the new medium? We couldn’t answer that 11 months ago so we created Rippol… We hope you enjoy!



MakeUseOf Recommends Rippol

November 25, 2009

A great site that explores and recommends interesting new technology called has written a great review of Rippol check it out.–-a-personal-video-search-with-an-intelligent-discovery-engine/

Great Perspective on Rippol: Personal Assistant For Video

November 24, 2009

A cool smaller techie news site did a great review of Rippol check it out!

Hulu Ripped Out of Rippol cont…

November 23, 2009

Looks like we weren’t the only startup to experience this.

Liz Gannes reports:

Hulu Ripped Out of Rippol

November 20, 2009

Unfortunately only about an hour after we launched we got an email from Hulu saying that even though there are several sites on the Internet embedding Hulu video Rippol isn’t allowed to embed Hulu video. It’s too bad that Hulu, a site we like, would treat a little startup like Rippol this way.

Here is the story covered by Techcrunch:

Let the Rippol Effect Begin: Rippol Launches At Crunchup

November 20, 2009

We’ve officially launched! We had a great time today at the Techcrunch Real-Time Crunchup event, got great feedback from users and are working hard to improve the site.

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Rippol to launch at Techcrunch Real-Time Crunchup Event!!!!

November 5, 2009

Great news! Techcrunch has accepted us as one of the companies to launch at the the Techcrunch Crunchup event. We’re very excited to one of the companies chosen to be presenting at the event it should be a blast!

Here’s the story: