Rippol Lite: All The Video Half The Calories

Today we’re proud to announce Rippol Lite! We received a lot of great feedback after we launched at the Techcrunch Crunchup event. One of the overwhelming responses was that a lot of users wanted to come to the site and check out the video content before deciding if they wanted to login. So we created Rippol Lite a version of the site that is almost entirely html with very simple javascript and doesn’t require a login. All social features are removed and personalized sorting is also not available unless you login to the full version.

Story by Leena Rao at Techcrunch here:

We also noticed that a lot of really interesting videos were being pulled in from facebook and twitter so for all publically available video we stripped out any personal information and put it in a new category section we call “Buzzy”.

Starting Monday we turned on our Stream Notifier system. If you favorite a show inside the full version of Rippol and a new episode is found after you favorite it you will be notified that the new episode is available to watch.

We hope you enjoy Rippol it’s still a work in progress so we appreciate all feedback. Thanks and rock steady!



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