Rippol Gets Covered in Mashable’s Spark of Genius Series

This was a pleasant surprise for the team 🙂

Check out the article by Jennifer Van Grove here:


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3 Responses to “Rippol Gets Covered in Mashable’s Spark of Genius Series”

  1. Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker" Says:

    This is an amazing site.
    Any way my weekly, online garden tv talk show, Garden World Report can be “discovered” by you guys?

    It’s enjoying lots of viewers and would be an exciting and unique show for your Rippol audience to find.

    Shirley Bovshow
    Host and Producer

    • aaroncray Says:


      Cool show. I just recommended it to a few people on Rippol. We will begin crawling livestream soon as one of the standard sites.
      Until then you can friendcast the show. copy the url of your show, paste it in the text box on your Rippol home screen then click the friendcast button, fill out any missing info and then friendcast the video. anyone following you will be able to see it in their streams and it will be made available to the system. We’re thinking of adding a check box to email your followers so they know when new content is made available…would you dig that sort of feature? Thanks!


  2. Shirley Bovshow Says:

    Yes, I would dig this email feature!

    I like you guys already. Quick to reply….very important in any business, but especially one involved in search!

    We want our info now, don’t we!

    Shirley Bovshow
    Garden World Report Show.

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